About Us

After a few years working in recruitment, it wasn’t hard to see that the industry fell flat for the people it was meant to serve. Dynamics Door aims to disrupt this model by providing high-quality recruiting services & jobs over all else. We put our focus in the people that choose us, instead of our internal numbers and profit.

We’re Not The Global Leaders

Sometimes it’s easier to tell you who we are, by telling you who we’re not. During the first half of his recruitment career, our founder, Eric Legeer, constantly worked with agencies that pushed the same flawed philosophy: profit over people at any cost. These churn and burn business models weren’t conducive to long term, meaningful relationships with candidates and clients.

Dynamics Door brings a refreshing candidate-centric approach to Microsoft Dynamics recruitment where we post only real roles vetted by an expert recruiter that in turn will be the same recruiter speaking with the candidate that applies.

No stringing you along until we find you something. No asking where else you’ve been interviewing. No calling your references to pitch our services.

That’s the Dynamics Door promise.

Why We’re Different

Dynamics Door

Real, carefully-vetted roles.

Dedicated recruiter that communicates between candidate & hiring company

Simple operation with low overhead that helps candidates and hiring companies alike to save money through the process.

Flexible to meet the needs of each of our clients – companies of any shape & size are welcome to use our recruitment services

The “Global Leaders”

Fake jobs, frequent bot postings

Multiple account managers & recruiters that change by the day

Large-scale operation, extensive staff, and complicated systems, which results in higher costs to clients.

Costs create a priority to target larger companies – if accepted, small companies are required to pay impractical prices

Our Founder

After working in the industry for 10+ years, Eric founded Dynamics Door to provide recruitment services that create valuable connections, rather than just filling roles quickly and carelessly.

Eric Legeer
Founder, CEO

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About Us

Dynamic Doors is the #1 Microsoft Dynamics recruitment agency. With our candidate centric approach, we connect the best candidates to the best jobs in record time.