Community Impact

Our philosophy on giving back is “think globally, give locally”. Each year our board decides on local institutions that make the most impact on Austin’s unique culture, and provide services for members of the community most in need.

Our Goals And Commitments

Foster Creativity In Our Community

As we are based in the live music capital of the world, we are committed to supporting tomorrow’s artists and creative minds. We contribute to the Austin Theatre Alliance annually to further our cause.

Stand Against Violence & Abuse

It is impossible for our community to grow and improve if we find ourselves in a hostile environment. We contribute annually to SAFE Austin in order to prevent abuse and serve all those affected within our community.

Reduce Our Impact On The Planet

As we work in an industry that is at the core of advanced technologies, we believe strongly that such advancements should continue to reduce environmental impact- ex reduce paper waste & improve energy efficiency.

“As our communities support us and make it possible for us to succeed, we must also support our communities. With this, we can truly pay it forward and create the opportunities that will ensure a better future for us all.”

The Causes We Support

Austin Theatre Alliance

Austin, TX is the live music capital of the world. The lifeblood of our thriving music culture depends on instilling a passion for the arts in the youngest members of our community. That’s why Legeer Recruitment is an annual contributor to the Austin Theatre Alliance. The Austin Theatre Alliance, through the Paramount and Stateside Theatres, provides high level programming, student matinee performances, and award winning summer camp programs for children. Through these programs the lives of central Texas’s youth are enriched by ensuring they have the opportunity to experience the arts and creative learning. For more information on Austin Theatre Alliance visit

Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE) Austin

Most importantly, all families and children in our community need to be safe and secure in their environment for any appreciation of the arts to take place. SAFE Austin is dedicated to ending violence in our community by providing prevention, advocacy, and comprehensive services to individuals, families, and children affected by abuse. Legeer Recruitment is proud to be an annual contributor to Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE) Austin. For more information about SAFE Austin visit

Years Of Collaboration

Dollars Donated

Organizations Supported

About Us

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